Creating 2D Pictures using Prefelt

Instructor: Fay Hodson

Location: Millarville Racetrack Hall

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

In this workshop, we will talk about what prefelts are and how they can be used to expand the potential of felt making. The focus will be on 2 dimensional felt making, but the techniques you will learn can be applied to 3D objects. We will work primarily with machine made prefelt, but will also briefly cover how you can make your own unique prefelts. We will start with a sample so you can learn about the different ways to join 2D prefelts and experience the basics of how the process works. You will then design and create your own 2D felt piece. It is wise to keep your creation simple for your first project (not too many shapes and simple in form – 10 at most). Come prepared with some basic ideas for your own creation (approximately 10X10”). Googling the following key words might give you some ideas: geometric landscapes; abstract landscapes; patch work landscapes; landscape quilts; folk art (animal of your choice). Your pieces can be further embellished at a later point with stitching, beads, or needle felting to add detail.


Creating 2D Pictures with Prefelts May 19

  • This SCW workshop is IN PERSON supplemented with a zoom link. Paid participants will be sent Zoom link via email. 

    Materials: Prefelt materials and miscellaneous supplies will be provided on-site for a $15 kit fee for those attending in person. People attending via zoom are expected to source their own materials and can contact the instructor about where to find them. In person participants are asked to bring: a small basin (shoe box size is sufficient), scissors (for wet and dry cutting), tweezers, sketch book , ruler, soap, bath towel, tea towel, and, if you have them, rotary cutter and matt, felting tools including bubble wrap, pool noodle, watering bottle or sprinkling bulb. 

    Optional: your own hand made prefelt (instructions will be available on google classroom (participants may need a gmail account to access this information)), wool tops, needle and thread

    Please bring a lunch and drink

    Equipment: Warm water source

    Set up: Table per person

    Instructor information: