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Every month the SCW librarian will feature a
book from our guild collection.
Please follow Covid19 protocols when in the library.


Stamping Made Easy by Nancy Ward


This book is entertaining and answers all your questions about stamping. Nancy, the author says, "You can stamp on just about any surface that's not too furry or moving too fast".  She has a good sense of humour and goes on to say, "Stamps are instant art".  They can be used singly or several prints can be combined to create a design.  Stamping is a cross-generational activity.  Adults will also enjoy the children's projects in this book.


It is important to observe copyright in designs, so keep that in mind while you invent your own personal messages and logos.

Swinton's art supplies, Calgary,  carries large pink eraser blocks for carving out designs. 


In this book you will learn about embossing and roller stamps and there is a chapter named, "weird ways to use normal things".  Who could resist that? My kids and I used to use sugar as the embossing material.  Suddenly a stamped image gains another dimension.


There's a great stamp of an eagle they have "echo printed", allowing the image to get dimmer with each application.  I love it.  There are tips for stamping on fabric and how to use stamps and stencils together.  One project is the "wearable aquarium": skies the limit for colour on this one.