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Every month the SCW librarian will feature a

book from our guild collection.

Please note: Our library volunteer will continue highlighting a new book every month once we are allowed back into our hall at the Millarville Racetrack.

Knitting out of Africa

inspired sweater designs

by Marianne Isager

The author of this book has been a Danish textile designer, a teacher at designing craft schools in Denmark, and now runs the woollen yarn company called 'Isager'. Included in this book are 16 sumptuous designs for hand-knit sweaters with instructions in at least two adult sizes. All the designs are inspired by some element which is inherently African. For instance, the inspiration for her sweater designs include the small flashes of white which are visible on the backside of leaping antelopes, the block patterns on cloth made by the Asante people of Ghana, and the mud-dyed cotton fabrics of Mali. The knitting techniques include double knitting, intarsia, domino, and Fair Isle. These sweater designs are timeless, sophisticated, and absolutely gorgeous!



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