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Inspiration Kantha

Creative Stitchery and Quilting with Asia’s Ancient Technique


By Anna Hergert



The word “kantha” means “rags” in ancient Sanskrit and refers to embroidered fabrics traditionally created by the women of northern India and Bangladesh.  Kanthas were technically quilts and historically were made from layers of worn saris.  A simple running stitch was used to create specific patterns and rich textures to an otherwise plain background.  Used fabrics were layered, then embellished with themes from nature, everyday life, and religious symbolism.  


Kanthas have been created for centuries with the earliest reference to the kantha technique dating back 500 years in literature. Today kanthas are a vital source of income for village cooperatives where women can secure a steady financial source through their kantha creations.


This book guides the reader through the various types of kantha, which minimal supplies are needed and the simple ways in which the humble running stitch is used in creating most kanthas.  Twelve beautiful samples are photographed with how-to explanations included.  


Many finished pieces created by the author/artist are shown in the book, with a series of kanthas entitled “Absence of Color” being exceptionally beautiful.  This series is inspired by our prairie winter landscape.


The book is an enjoyable read and is aptly titled as you will be inspired to thread a needle and immerse yourself in the world of kantha.