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Artisan Felting

Wearable Art


By Jenny Hill



Jenny Hill is a felter whose designs are known for their one-of-a-kind sophistication and high-fashion aesthetic, and she sells her work internationally.  She has written this book to reach distant felters who may not have access to a local felting community where they could take workshops. It is also intended for those wanting to get better at felting.


Nuno felting is a modern take on felting, an ancient textile creation process.  Layers of wool are entangled and compressed through a woven fabric base.  Hill shows over 30 specific techniques and approaches to nuno felting.  The reader is guided through seven garment projects in well-illustrated, extremely detailed steps.  Measurements, angles and numbers of times to roll your work are included.  Some of the projects include directions on how to apply gradient dyeing in your work, as well.


The book takes a good look at studio set-up, nuno felting tools, basic wool layout, wool shrink rates and pattern template creation.


Jenny Hill writes of her own introduction to felting as it began when she spent a year working as a volunteer on sheep farms with the WWOOF program(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).  Her story is inspiring and she has created a beautiful resource to pass on her knowledge to others.


This seems like a good book to borrow/own if you would like to make yourself or a friend a lovely, keepsake garment - especially right now when it’s not possible to head out to a workshop to learn these techniques.  This book will see you through the process, from start to finish.


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