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Who we are?

The Sheep Creek Weavers Fibre Arts Guild started as a dream of five women, in the Millarville, Turner Valley, and Black Diamond area, driven by their need to create in the fibre arts while in the midst of childrearing, work, and natural disasters.

SCW was established in the mid 1970s; a time of revival for the fibre arts. Forty years later, our guild continues to be a community of determined, creative, and supportive members dedicated to the continuance of the fibre arts.

Freda McArthur
Lyn Pflueger
Blanche Stuart & Doris Hayes
Blanche Stuart
Doris Hayes
Jill Hughes

 Current Scw projects

scw 2020 wild rose project


Millarville Racetrack Hall

306097 192 St.

Millarville, AB

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