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SAORI Piccolo floor loom 



SAORI Piccolo floor loom 


It’s an ADVENTURE LOOM… take it out on the deck, put it in your suitcase, to workshops, camping!  Very portable and sturdy metal frame floor loom.  It folds up for storage or transport— great for small spaces.  It weighs well under 16 pounds.  It adjusts to two heights, the lower is suitable for small children, the higher for adults, which is only 1” shorter than regular Saori looms. Includes a built in bobbin winder, custom two shelf tool rest, and a bar for holding many bobbins of supplemental warp threads.  Weaving width is 40 cm, 2 harnesses. New condition.


Included Tools and Accessories:


-2 reeds… 3 dent/cm and 5 dent/cm

-1 boat shuttle

-1 stick shuttle

-5 shuttle bobbins, 2 supplemental warp bobbins

-1 heddle hook

-an extra clipping tying rod (very handy to use up all the warp)

-threading stand, which allows you to take the reed and heddles out of the loom and thread the warp on a table.  You will love this!

-a beautiful new pre-wound silk warp, 6 meters by 200 threads

-a washable custom made loom carry bag to keep it and all your creative weaving safe and clean. The attached shoulder straps makes the loom very easy to carry.


It has a black cotton warp on it (unknown length), so its all ready for you to start creating!


If you price new from SAORI all included items it would add up to $2,500 with GST and shipping.  I have no idea what price to ask, so make me an offer!


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