September 16 10 am - 1pm

September 23 10 am - noon

This workshop will cover the hardware aspects of adjusting your spinning wheel and how it will affect the yarn you create. It will give you the knowledge to make adjustments to various types of wheels availabe today to the hand-spinner. Topics planned to discuss include:

*parts of a spinning wheel

*types of drive sytems on wheels-direct drive, single drive, double drive, and e spinners

*tensioning systems-flyer led, bobbin led,double drive, whorls, and rations

specific techniques such as cross-lacing

*a little history on the development of spinning wheels


This workshop is suitable for beginners to more advanced spinners. Students will need to know how to add twist to fibre in order to create a yarn on their spinning wheel. Plying knowledge is not required but would be an asset.



a working spinning wheel

200gr unspun roving or top of your choice 

5 m (approx) length of hand-spun single wrapped around a paper tube. This will be a reference for you and will not be reviewed in class.

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SPINNING WITH ELANA September 16 & 23

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