Millarville Racetrack Hall

306097 192 St.

Millarville, AB

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1st Thursday of

every month at 10 am


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KASURI: Traditional methods adapted for contemporary weaving - two day workshop with guest artist MACKENZIE KELLY-FRERE

*non-members fee: $155.00


Explore the design possibilities of warp and weft Kasuri techniques for contemporary weaving. Using traditional methods for Kasuri pattering, participants will design, tie and dye a simple pattern for a scarf-sized warp. If there is a loom available in the studio, warping and even shifting a Kasuri pattern during the beaming process can be demonstrated.


MATERIALS: 2/8 cotton or cotonlin (1 cone per participant), fibre reactive dyes

EQUIPMENT: Skein winders, warping frames, plastic ties, buckets/bins for dyeing, nitrile gloves & other dyeing utensils. 

KASURI with guest artist MACKENZIE KELLY-FRERE May 21 & May 22

  • All SCW workshops are held in the Millarville Racetrack Hall at 10am to 4pm unless otherwise indicated.

  • SCW workshops are non-refundable.