Pictorial Weaving with Judy Klassen

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to create motifs on a rosepath threading using two different techniques. An 8/2 (2/8) cotton warp in a light colour will be used for both techniques. In the first technique, embroidery floss or similiar weight yarn is used to ceate the images. Directions for specific images will be given as well as instructions for designing your own images.  For the second technique the warp will be resleyed to a wider set and images created using boundweave techiques. A sock weight wool or similar weight yarn will be used for the boundweave figures. 


This workshop is most successful using 4 or 8 shaft tabe looms, with the 8 shaft looms offering more design possilibities. Jack floor looms can also be used. It is not suitable for couterbalanced or coutermarche looms. Students will have a loom warped and ready to weave for both workshops. Students will supply all of their own materials. The instuctor will supply digital handouts of warping instructions and other information. There will not be a supply fee. 


This workshop is suitable for beginner weavers who are comfortable warping a loom and any other weavers who want to play with creating images.


Please come prepared to wear a mask when in close contact with others if you come to the in-person session. Please stay home if you are not well. A zoom link will be sent prior to the workshop


  • This SCW  workshop will be held in person 9:30 am to 3:30pm on October 21. Individiuals can choose to attend via Zoom if they do not wish to attend in person. For more information please contact:


  • SCW workshops are non-refundable. Please contact: scwworkshops@gmail.com with any concerns.