Instructor's Name: Nadine Crowchild


Workshop Title: Basic Beading


Workshop Description:

We will learn about many different types of beading techniques, designs and traditions associated with today's modern world. We will experiment with a few different beading techniques that are simple and easy to do. We will design a pattern from scratch and create our own beaded piece in this workshop. I will also explain a few of the traditions focused around beading and how it has evolved to today. From start to finish you will learn how to bead and create a masterpiece you can take home and

be proud of.


Date(s): July 14, 2022


Time(s): 10:00am - 4:00pm


Number of hours of instruction: 6

(5-6 hours is typical)


Format: In person supplemented with Zoom for those who choose not to attend in person.


Maximum Capacity:




Beads and materials will be supplied at the workshop. 

People who plan to attend via Zoom can pick up a package or have it delivered (contact free delivery) prior to the workshop. If you plan to attend by zoom, please register early enough to allow time to make arrangements to get the materials - contact ASAP to make arrangements.

Optional: desk lamp.

Please bring a drink and lunch.


Nadine Crowchild, Tsuut'ina Nation. 9

elementary level. Beading can be

relaxing, calming and healing. 


Basic Beading July 14

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